My Turning Point

We attended Marshall Sylver’s Turning Point training session on Oct 7th and 8th of 2006. From the fire eating and board breaking exercises, I learned the importance of the ability to overcome fear, as well as the importance of speed and position. Eating fire was not a challenge in particular because I knew I could do it after witnessing successes from other people — it helped me realize things are often not as difficult as it seems. Board breaking, in other words, was a painful and precious experience! Believing I could easily break the half inch thick board in the first trial, I failed. Failures were painful (physically in this case), and it strengthened my determination to succeed. Watching many people around me, but myself, successfully broke their boards was not a pleasant experience. The four consecutive defeats taught me the essence to focus on speed and position, which led me to break it in the fifth time! Lesson: It is important to focus, position yourself correctly, and take the action quickly.

One homework exercise I did during the 2 days training was writing down my ideal day of work. Here it is as of 2006:

Waking up 7 am in my bedroom filled with warm and refreshing air, I kiss my husband and we get out of bed. We have devotion time together. Our two lovely dogs are already waiting in the living room to go outside jogging with us on our private trail at the edge of the cliff by the ocean. When we come back home, breakfasts are already prepared for us by our maids. While we get dressed, our chauffeur is waiting for us at the entrance of our house. My husband drives his favourite sport car to attend a meeting with a client; and our chauffeur drives me to our art + design + real estate firm in the trendiest and most up-scale part of downtown. Our firm is located in our ten stories tall building uniquely designed by our strategic partner, the most influential designer in the architectural sustainability field. Location on the first 2 floors of the building is a gallery of art pieces made of sustainable materials, which is often visited by tourists around the world. The 3rd and 4th floors are dedicated as an educational museum showing techniques and prototypes of sustainable architecture. 5th floor and above are offices for our real estate businesses handled by my husband. All of the real estate developments that we own or involved in are using green and enivronment friendly designs. After completing the meeting with my staffs on the direction, planning and execution of current and future projects for the gallery and museam, I go back to my office to take care of a few phone calls and logistics. A few minutes before noon is the end of my office work day.

After lunch with my husband in a private room in our favourite restaurant, our chauffeur drive me to the wild life park, where I volunteer to help out take care of animals. During the 1 hour drive from office to the park, I have ‘facial’ in the limo while listening to my favorite soothing music. I have a great time playing with and training the animals at the wild life park. On the way back, I have a relaxing massage session. I get home at around 4 pm, when my husband also arrives home. We spend time playing with the dogs in our yard while dinner is being prepared by our chef. After having a great dinner and time chatting with our children and parents, we go back to our bedroom and rest.


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