My first Millionaire Mind Intensive experience

We attended the MMI ( in Vancouver on Nov 10-12 for the first time. It was certainly a positive and life-changing experience. Here are a few quotes from the training that impacted me most:

“Human is a creature of habits.”
“How you do anything is how you do everything.”
“What you focus on is what you get, and expands.”
“Being angry with someone is like drinking poison and hoping the person would die.”
“I’m an excellent money manager. I’m a money magnet. I’m an excellent receiver….”

I learned the importance to take action, to believe in myself, to celebrate my success, to not be angry with others, to open myself to receive blessings from the universe, to be grateful of what I have, to forgive, etc. One exercise I did was to break the arrow with my throat, and the meaning to me was to break my bad habit of always controling my husband. I also composed a song to help me remember key points I learned:

(in the tune of Moon River)
Money Magnet, that is what I am. Abundance of the world comes to me.
I live on passive income. I have financial freedom.
I get rich by doing, by doing, what I love. (repeat)

It was a meaningful weekend to us.


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