My Mom’s Stories

I am grateful to have my mom too. My mom is also the coolest mom in the world!

If you ask me whether I like hanging out with my dad more or my mom more. If I had to choose, I would say my mom. It is a hard choice since I will be happy hanging out with either of them. My dad is more fun and has more interesting stories to tell. However, I am more close to my mom and I can tell my mom all things about my life.

My mom grew up in a large and decent family of 10 kids. She is the number 5. She went to school, and got a nice job at a mid-to-large size company, where she met my dad. According to my dad, she was the most efficient and talented girl in the company; she was a dedicated employee and delivered her work very effectively. After getting married, she quited her job and started helping my dad in their small business.

My mom has been a very responsible, devoted, and loving mom. She always put the family, my sister, and me as her first priority. When I was a teenager, I was so frustrated about my mom restricting me all the time. I could not go out to hang out with my friends during weekend freely; I could not accept an advertising shooting opportunity because my mom wanted me to focus on study. (I am really not sure why I remember the shooting opportunity so clearly even now. 🙂 I do not regret. I guess I just think that it would be cool and fun to have my face on TV once. No hard feelings.) Now, when I think back, I know I would not have been me if my mom was not so restrictive. I thank mom for that!

My mom is humble and she does not tell many stories about herself. My dad once told me that I should really respect my mom because she loves us 100% and she is so devoted to take the best care of us. On a day when we lived in Vancouver, they went out with their friends on a one-day trip, and she insisted in going home at only 4 pm though they were having fun, because she did not want to have exception of not buying us afternoon snacks. She brought us cake that day. This was not the only case, and similar cases happen all the time, even now.

I moved to San Francisco to study for a Master’s and work after college, learning to have independent life. There was one week in which my boyfriend (my current husband) was out of town (went to Toronto to visit his family). My mom knew that I must be feeling lonely, and she called me everyday from Hong Kong to keep me companied. I did not talk to my mom that much when I was a teenager; however, now, we easily talk on the phone for over an hour. I really cherish the time with mom.

I love my mom and I am grateful to have her as my mom. I think she is the coolest mom in the world!


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