Two types of successful people

There are two types of successful people.

The first type of successful people like to tell others about themselves, their personal success stories, their tips of being successful, actions they took which led to success, etc. They ARE very successful and they are usually being admired by relatively younger folks with less experience, or others who are humble and willing to open themselves to learn. People who have ego (which is 80% of the population – 80/20 rule by Pareto) may not be fans for these successful people because they thought these successful people talk too much about themselves.

The second type of successful people like to tell others about how they LEARNED to be successful, what things they LEARNED from other successful people, how were they inspired by other successful people, etc. They ARE also very successful. The only difference is they are easily being admired by 100% of the population. One classic example is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. I recently realized why this book was so popular. He simply tells the same success tips; however, the approach he took was referencing to his Rich Dad’s advises to success. For the 80% of the population with ego, with this approach, the knowledge and message is much easier for them to absorb. What a brilliant idea!


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