From the Team Captain of the First American Women’s Mt. Everest Expedition

I had an opportunity to hear Alison Levine spoke about her Mt. Everest expedition. She was an inspiration and after seeing and hearing her talked, I strongly felt that “if she can do it, I can do it!” She was introduced as a professional having years of experience in healthcare industry, got MBA from Duke, worked at Goldman Sachs, and led the team of the first American women’s Mt. Everest expedition. After the information, I thought she must be a tough and big woman. It turned out she is pretty and tiny, and is an excellent speaker. She learned at the followings through her expedition:

“You can do anything if you have the right people in the team.”
“If you find the goal overwhelming, break it down into smaller milestones. Plan to reach one milestone at a time and celebrate your sucess. Eventually, you will reach your final goal.”
“It is not fear that drags you down; it is complacency that does.”
“Realize that there are times you need to move in a direction against your goal in order to help you reach your goal.”

There was a really brillant story of her: Due to an unexpected weather change, her team only reached a point, which was a few hundred feets away from the top of Mt. Everest. At a party, there was one guy asking her, “Were you at the top of the mountain?” She said, “Well, we were a few hundred feets away. However, we did climbed the mountain.” He said, “If you weren’t at the top, you did not climb it.” Argument continued. She then said, “Wait. What do you do?” “I work at Morgan Stanley,” he responded. “Oh, so you must be the CEO,” she said. “No, I’m a financial..,” he replied. She interrupted, “Then you are not working at Morgan Stanley.” “Why?” asked him. “You are not the CEO, not at the top. So, you don’t working at Morgan Stanley,” she said. Awesome!!

Heard a lot of different people spoke about how they successfuly formed companies. Alison is a different level. She formed a non-profit organization help women to get jobs at the Mt. Everest, though she also has another business in the field on leadership training. I thought this is very inspiring, and I want to do this some day!


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