2006 Year-end Objectives Evaluation

Often hear about the importance of writing down, saying out, and measuring our goals. I cannot be more agreed with this statement. The followings are my 2006 new year resolution items and the end-of-year evaluation. Time to celebrate my success!

Goal 1: Get our greencard approved
Result: Achieved
Details: It is interesting that this goal is not really in my total control. However, I would really like to give credit to Law of Attraction. The universe recognized my strong desire to get greencard, and it was granted. The whole process was very smooth as well. It took 2 days to get my LC approved, and approximately half year before I got my greencard. I guess many of us will be surprised how efficient INS was on my case. Thank you!

Goal 2: Get PMP Certification

Result: Achieved
Details: This is my second success of 2006. There were 2 reasons supporting my desire to get PMP Certification: 1) I wanted to change job in 2006 and many jobs required PMP, and 2) I figured getting my work experience and knowledge certified was certainly not a bad idea. As part of the process, I took a course called ‘Project Leadership’ at UCSC, and it confirmed my interest in project management. I learned tons of practical knowledge around leading and motivating a project team, and I put a lot of concepts I learned from the class into experience at work while managing my team of two awesome engineers. The results were really rewarding, and I heard and appreciated positive feedback from my team. There was indeed one obstacle during my application process. First, my application was audited. Second, the audit package I sent in was lost. Finally, I manged to overcome the challenge and worked with the audit specialist to get mine approved. At the end, I passed the examination as expected. I am a hot new PMP 2006!

Goal 3: Get a new job as Project Manager
Result: Pending
Details: I am very close in achieving this goal. Immediately after I got my PMP certification, I updated my resume and started my job hunting journey. The process was as not as ‘easy’ as I expected. I did not get as many responses as I thought I would get. I found out that the companies were looking for individuals with more experience, and most of them were not offering my expected salary. Then, I saw a posting of internal transfer — a Project Manager position in the oracle fusion process management group! This was exactly what I wanted! I got the job offer, and the negotiated transfer date is 1/15/2007! I am absolutely ready to move to the new team. However, I got a news that my transfer was on hold because there was a possibility of transfer freeze in the company. I know if I wanted to transfer out, I will succeed. I will update this as I get more update.

Goal 4: Move to a new home
Result: Pending
Details: We are still in the process of looking for a new home. I will update this as I get more update.

Goal 5: Purchase 2 investment properties
Result: Achieved
Details: 2006 was really an excited year for us. We went through numerous training and sales events around real estate investment in the latter half of the year, and we are expecting to close 2 pre-construction land properties by end of this year. They are Grande Harbor in TN and River Rock in NC.


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