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Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol (Pop Art in USA)art in the last 588 years
The most remarkable artworks were perhaps produced in the last 588 years. I am moving my time pointer back to 1420 to look at how the human culture evolved since then.  Enter the visual tour from Michelangelo to Andy Warhol.

grumpy girl and the dog
I love the grumpy girl and the white dog – characters created by Yoshitomo Nara.  It is just cheerful to stare at them.  They touch my heart!!

Untitled (Orange Head)

art of independence
The Independence Day of United States reminds me of the disabled artists as they have also claimed independence by excelling through their passion and talents in art.  View the artwork of these 9 disabled artists in United States deeply touch my heart.


the mexican couple
The couple, Frida and Diego, is a legend.  Their stories were probably what the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelonawas based on.

And then, And then, And then... variation by Takashi Murakami

japanese prints by 3 artists from 18th century to gen Y
Let’s do a little exercise: In 10 seconds, write down as many things that are related to Japanese culture as you can think of.

Most people will have animations on their lists, as this is one of the things the Japanese does superbly. It is not hard to find this theme reflected in Japanese art. In fact, the root of animation might already be planted 300 years ago through the ukiyo-e prints.  Read about the printing art by 3 japanese artists…

WOW by Liu Ye

85 new wave…looking at Chinese avant-garde art since 1985
When talking about modern art these days, Chinese avant-garde art is perhaps the hottest subject. There have been more than 25 exhibitions devoted to it in the United States alone from 1996 to 2005. The number of art galleries in China is growing in a lightning speed. Until recently, art exhibitions deemed controversial have been closed by police, and performance artists in particular faced the threat of arrest in the early 1990s. More recently there has been greater tolerance by the Chinese government, which triggers the outgrowth of modern art development. Let’s look at the work of some visual artists from this experimental art movement in China – Enter here.


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